Meet the Team


Hello, I am Sue and I first started at Tates Travel covering maternity leave and now 10 years later I’m Agency Manager and I love it!

I work with a great team of girls which makes my role as Manager easier.

I have worked in travel for 23 years and still enjoy the experience of searching for the right holidays to suit our customers’ needs, whatever they require.

I love to have a chat with my customers when they come into the office, whether it’s for a holiday or just a social chat as most customers become friends, and I personally like to get to know their likes and dislikes and what I can do to make their holiday a special one.

Like all the girls I too love my holidays abroad, especially travelling to Tenerife, like my colleague Thelma. We would both love to go and live there!

I have travelled to many destinations in Europe and the UK and I have recently persuaded to try and cruise for my Silver Wedding Anniversary. We travelled with Marella Cruises on a Med Cruise, and I must say I am converted! I had a fabulous time which has given me a great insight into cruising we I can relate back to my customers.

If you would like to pop in and see me, I’d love to see you, or call me on 0191 514 55 11 for any information and I will be happy to help in any way I can.


Hi, I’m Kelly. I have worked for Tate’s Travel for nearly 4 years, having worked in travel for 15 years and I still love the buzz of it!

I genuinely love the girls I work with; they are not only just my colleagues, but my family which makes my job easier.

I enjoy getting to know my customers and finding their perfect holiday whether it be in Europe, Long Haul or even a destination in the UK.

I love my family holidays each year and have travelled to many places in Europe and the UK, but my favourite destination would have to be Cyprus where my husband and I were married. This was the best day of my life with all of our family and friends who travelled with us to help us celebrate our special day.

If you would like more advice on perhaps weddings abroad, or any other types of holidays please pop in and see me or call 0191 514 55 11 and I would be happy to help you.


Hi, I’m Heather. I have worked for Tate’s Travel for 4 years, but prior to that I took a career break but to be honest it’s like riding a bike, you never forget!

I work with a great team of girls who have helped me settle back into my role as a Travel Consultant.

I enjoy getting to know my customers face to face if this is possible, as I feel I then can gain a real sense of who they are and what type of holidays they like then I am able to tailor their holidays to their requirements.

I have been lucky to have travelled quite extensively to various destinations such as Cape Verde, Thailand, Bulgaria, Frnace, Spain and of course coaching tours and self-drive holidays throughout the UK so I am known to my family as Judith Chalmers (haha). The knowledge I have gained over the years of travelling has given me the confidence to share this with my customers.

I’d love to see you, so please pop in and see me or give me a call on 0191 514 55 11.


Hello, I’m Thelma and I have worked for Tate’s Travel for nearly 6 years now after a previous career change, but I was drawn back to travel as this has always been my passion.

It’s great to work for a family firm such as Tate’s as we all work together as a team.

I particularly love meeting my customers on a face to face situation as I like to get a feel of who they are as people and what they enjoy to do on their holiday. This way, it is easier to be absolutely certain I am booking the ideal holiday for them.

I feel extremely lucky that I too have travelled extensively during my time in travel, from UK destinations, European destinations and Far Away destinations. I have just returned from a two week Caribbean Cruise and it was amazing. I would highly recommend this as it was amongst the best holidays I have ever had with amazing food and drink, but mostly visiting the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. I now feel confident passing on my cruise knowledge to my customers.

I’d love to hear from you, so please feel free to call in and see me or give me a call on 0191 514 55 11


Hi, my name is Joanne and I have worked at Tate’s Travel for over 20 years although I have worked in travel for over 28 years.

As a company we are very lucky to have many regular customers and enjoy helping to find the right holiday for them.  I also look forward to them coming in after they have been away to have a chat about how their holidays were and this feedback helps us as we can pass on recommendations to other customers. So if you have been away with us recently come in and tell us as your experiences really do help us to make other’s holiday as good as yours was.

Over the years I have been fortunate to travel to quite a few destinations within the UK, Europe, USA and the Caribbean and if money allowed I would like to visit Canada and Alaska so I just need to win the lottery!!

I have been lucky to have taken quite a few cruise holidays with P&O Cruises, Fred Olsen, Cruise and Maritime and Marella Cruises, so if you would like to chat about any of these give me a call on 0191 514 55 11 or pop into the office to see me and I will try to help you out with finding the right cruise (or any other holiday) for you.


Hi, I’m Tracy and I have worked for Tate’s Travel for nearly 8 years but have worked in travel for over 28 years and still love my job!

I am fortunate to work with a great bunch of girls and enjoy the interaction with our customers who have become our friends over the years.

I have been lucky enough to travel to many different destinations within Europe but my favourite place to visit is Asia.

Over the last few years my husband and I have visited Singapore, Penang and Melaka in Malaysia, different areas of Thailand and this year we went to Vietnam for the first time. We both love the food, culture and history of this part of the world with many of the areas being UNESCO world hesitage sights.

Visiting these destinations has given me the opportunity to pass on my knowledge and experiences to other staff members and also our customers to make the most of their own holidays.

So if you would like me to help you find the perfect holiday, please pop into the shop to see me or call me on 0191 514 55 11.

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